According to Sean Brown’s philosophy, scaling a business is essential as it provides a conducive environment for its growth. The vision of every entrepreneur or business leader is to set up a business while incorporating systems, partners, and workers that promote success. Using his experience at GO VC, a company he founded and holds the position of CEO, Sean recommends that it’s essential to be aware of available business opportunities. Although it may deviate from a business’s original scope, business leaders need to harness any open market gaps within their reach financially, strategically, and resource-wise. For instance, Sean explains his idea of GO VC was to cease investing in capital alone but bring along his business ideas to enable the success of other companies.


Every business experiences challenges, and scaling a business calls for leaders who can overcome the obstacles they experience. For instance, the pandemic presented challenges to businesses, like holding physical meetings with clients as most people are forced to work away from their workstations. The future presents uncertainty, and Sean advises companies to incorporate technology tools that enable them to work more effectively in the face of challenges, like remote working.


Scaling a business also calls for business leaders to possess a background reason for their operations. It’s not only essential to open a business to make a profit; an entrepreneur should have a consumer problem that they plan to solve. This understanding helps entrepreneurs notice opportunities that enable them to implement their business plan while ensuring customer satisfaction. Besides, business owners should carry the organization’s vision but pass it on to professionals who can implement it through the help of other teams. An entrepreneur is not an expert in everything, such as finance and marketing, and seeking the service of professionals is imperative to scale a business.


Sean Brown also advises entrepreneurs to harness new ideas and opportunities as soon as they come across them. In most cases, businesses that present new market ideas or products experience success as long as they offer quality solutions than the present ones. However, this means risk-taking, which many people fear, but it defines successful entrepreneurs from aspiring ones.