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Madison Campbell is the CEO of Leda Health, a company whose focus is to provide resources and support to survivors of SA trauma. For more information about Madison, please visit her About page. The follow are recent articles about Madison Campbell and Leda Health. 

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How Health Tech Entrepreneur Madison Campbell Used 2nd-Order Thinking to Carve a Path for Leda Health

On Deck Founder Story

August 4, 2021

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Inside the hard business of selling DIY rape kits


Annalisa Merelli May 21, 2021

Created For Survivors Madison Campbell (1)

Radical Ethereum entrepreneurs are redefining what ‘rape kit’ means


Leigh Cuen May 4, 2021

Madison Cofounder Leda (1)

A world without evidence with Madison Campbell

Match Volume 

Caitlin Calfo| March 5, 2021

Madison Campbell World Without Evidence

Finance: The harsh realities for women, and survivors, in venture capital

The Edge Markets

Iriani Amirudin | March 5, 2021

Madison Campbell Business Insider

Two startup founders paid $15 for a 1980s photoshoot at JCPenney. Obviously, it went viral.

Business Insider

Margaux MacColl | March 2, 2021

Flik Womxn Madison Campbell

21 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021

FLIK | Jan 11, 2021

Madison Campbell - be on deck

Madison Campbell | On Deck Founders

On Deck | 2021

Evolve Madison Campbell

How To Turn Trauma Into A Company For Impact


Hosted by: Brandon Stover | October 12, 2020

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Madison Campbell:On The Frontier Of Sexual Assault

The Social Chameleon Show | September 2020

Madison Campbell: Scaling Social Impact

Hosted by Matt Burns | November 17, 2020