The introduction of the internet and the digital age have helped to shine a light on gender disparity in hiring practices. As a result, many organizations have changed how they hire employees to ensure women are provided with more equal opportunities. This guide can help you adjust your business’ hiring practices as well.


Watch the Wording in Job Descriptions

You’ll increase the number of women applying for positions in your organization when you become more conscious of the wording you use. This is because women tend to only apply for jobs when they meet all of the stated requirements, while men will apply when they meet more than half. If you only mention the necessary qualifications rather than creating a list of preferred qualifications, you’ll get more female candidates to apply. Additionally, avoid words that seem specific to men, such as ninja, so women won’t feel alienated.


Create a Diverse Hiring Team

Women will feel more uncomfortable in a job interview when all of the interviewers are male just as men would feel nervous about appearing before an all-female hiring team. To level the playing field, be sure the interviewers and human resources teams are comprised of diverse individuals. Even if there are just two people interviewing a candidate, there should be one male and one female to meet with the candidate.


Limit Conversational Topics

It’s common to veer off topic in a job interview, and, while this may not seem like a big deal, it can end up creating an unfair advantage for certain candidates. For example, if the interviewer and one male candidate are big fans of a particular sport, that may play into the interviewer’s opinion of that candidate. If your team must engage in small talk, train them to limit off topic conversations to topics that can involve anyone. For example, talking about the organization’s marketing strategies or industry-related events would be more appropriate.


Creating a more inclusive hiring practice will help you ensure you’re bringing more women into the workplace. In addition to providing greater opportunities for female candidates, you’ll be infusing your organization with new perspectives. In this way, instituting gender equity in your hiring practices can help you evolve your business to meet new challenges in the future.